In order to facilitate the preparation of our tournaments, online pre-registration is compulsory for all events, and should be done by 12:00 noon on the day of an event.

Online pre-registration form can be found at

Tournament fee should be paid before 6:45 pm, or the pre-registration will be forfeited. Walk-in registrations will only be accepted when seats are available.

Free Game and Discount Policy
To extend our sincere gratitude to your continuous support throughout these years, BridgeHouse has decided to extend the existing free game and discount policies.

Systems & Conventions Restrictions

For the details of the system classification, please refer to the WBF System Policy.

Also, we recommend players pre-alert their opponents for some special bidding methods.

We are in general adopting the following laws and regulations in our tournaments:

Year-round Cup Events

Ladder Team (Bridge Friends Cup)

Ladderette Team (TK Lum Memorial Cup)

Ladder Pairs

IMP Pairs

All-rounded Pairs